Stamford Healthcare System

Stamford Healthcare System is a Christian, non-profit organization that is committed to providing courteous, respectful and engaging care with an attitude of thoughtful compassion provided for members of the community in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Stamford Hospital District is made up of our rural health clinic Stamford Family Health Center, our diagnostic clinic Stamford Diagnostic Services, which includes laboratory and radiology services, and our assisted living facility Country Elegance.

Whether you need primary care for the whole family including women’s health and pediatric care or you need urgent care and can’t wait for an appointment, Stamford Family Health Center is here to serve you. Stamford Family Health Center is conveniently located at the Old Mabee Clinic Building at 1303 Mabee Drive, Stamford, TX, 79553. The Phone Number is 325-773-2900. Services available include: labs and blood work, imaging services, such as X-ray, CT and ultrasound, and physical therapy. Contact one of their offices for your healthcare needs. Stamford Healthcare System