Pink Ladies is Back

Pink Ladies is Back

The Pink Ladies Thrift Store reopened their doors on Monday, May 15 after being closed for renovations. Updates included cosmetic work, improved shelving and a spruced up storefront.

“We are so proud of the Pink Ladies and their newly updated store,” said Rick DeFoore CEO of Stamford Healthcare System. “We sincerely appreciate their generous support of our hospital and the entire community.”

The Stamford Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting to celebrate this hallmark event. The updates and renovations were one of the few times the Stamford Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, also known as the Pink Ladies, spent some money on themselves.

The Auxiliary was organized in 1977 and over the years has given close to a million dollars to support Stamford Healthcare System. The donated funds are raised through sales at the Gift Shop, located in the Stamford Memorial Hospital lobby, and the Thrift Store on the Square, which both opened in 1979.

The original location of the Thrift Store was in the old WTU Energy building, now the SGDA Attorney’s at Law office, on the northwest corner of the Square. The Auxiliary moved the Thrift Store to its current location at 110 E. Hamilton in September of 1980.

Some of the first renovations were made in 1998 when the Auxiliary purchased the adjacent building that once was the Knights of Columbus. The renovations included removing part of the separating wall to allow access to the newly purchased portion; giving the Thrift Store much needed space.

Now almost 20 years later, the Auxiliary made more renovations to accommodate the abundant donations and to showcase them in the best retail fashion. With how much the Pink Ladies give, it is evident they are a popular shop in town.

“I received numerous calls asking about the Pink Ladies store while they were closed,” Caitlin Richards, Stamford Chamber of Commerce executive director said. “Many were concerned they had closed, and were relieved to hear they were only making renovations. All were eager to shop once again though.”

Even though Pink Ladies’ doors were closed for a few months, no time off was taken. Many members logged even more hours than usual aiding in the renovation and reorganization process. As of March 2017, volunteer hours worked by the Auxiliary at the Gift Shop and Thrift Store since its founding totaled 178,367.