Development Corporation

The Development Corporation of Stamford was formed  following a referendum by the voters of Stamford to authorize collection of a half-cent sales tax to support economic development in Stamford.

The DCOS is a Type A economic development corporation as defined in Section 504 of the Texas Local Government Code. Sales tax revenues collected by the DCOS are to be used in the creation and expansion of primary jobs in the community, defined as jobs related to manufacturing, industry, distribution, warehouse, research and development, and similar matters. Furthermore, funds may be used for job training, targeted infrastructure improvements that create new and expanded business enterprises, and aviation facilities. In addition, the DCOS may use a limited portion of its funds each year to enhance the business climate in the community.

The DCOS seeks to acquire targeted properties within Stamford for redevelopment. Do you have a property in Stamford you’d like to sell to the DCOS or donate for a tax-deductible contribution? Contact us today.

The DCOS is passionately committed to making Stamford a premier place to live, work, and visit. To be part of that vision, and to discuss business location and development opportunities in Stamford, contact us today.

DCOS meets monthly, the 3rd Tues of the month at 4:00pm at 107 E. McHarg St. Stamford, Texas.